“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  Albert Einstein





Design of finished products and components:

The elaborated products possess the structure, function and appearance according customer desire. The stage includes discussion, identification and adoption of the product characteristics, the materials used, the production technology, and others relevant matters. The design ends with the preparation of the test model. You may find additional information here:

Kaliptos Ltd. develops products and components with structure, function and appearance according customers desire. During the design stage are discussed, identified and accepted the product characteristics, the materials used, the production technology, and other relevant matters and requirements. In case of large quantities and mass production this stage ends with the preparation of the test model. In cases of small quantities the test model shall be charged to customer.

Our manufacturing equipment allows our designers to create new or specific products and details. Only the imagination is the limit concerning out design capacities. We can turn into reality even Your boldest ideas. Upon Your wish our company shall elaborate:

  • exterior and interior surfaces (including for suspended ceilings) with desired shapes and decorations for outdoor fences, pavilions, awnings, bedrooms, living rooms, stairs, and many others; interior and exterior (illuminated and unlit) ads, signs, symbols, numbers, letters, etc.; various types of finished products or components; illuminants; souvenirs; cutting of fabrics or leather, packaging paper, invitations to weddings and many other.

Production of household and industrial products and components:

Our company produces industrial and household goods for various applications and industries. Our products are used for exterior and interior design; decoration, packaging and transport of raw materials and finished products; in the entertainment industry (souvenirs), in the wine industry. in everyday life and in many other areas. We use machinery and equipment of different classes.

Laser cutting and engraving:

Laser cutting and engraving services include:

– laser cutting, drawing and engraving on non-metal materials; laser drawing and engraving of metals and other.


Decorative panels

Panels suspended ceiling