Laser cutting, engraving and gesign 


Laser cutting of non-metal materials

Laser cutting provides very high accuracy in the elaboration of parts or whole products. This method significantly reduces the amount of waste of basic material and allows the production of genuine products of various sizes and various shapes with a unique design. The abilities of the laser machine can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The laser can very accurately cut parts from non-metals while the edges remain smooth and require no further treatment. This is very important in cases where it is necessary to generate products from different materials, which should be stacked with each other perfectly.

In our company we can cut the following non-metals: wood, MDF, plywood, plastic, plexiglass, cardboard, paper, fabrics, leather, and more.

Plywood cutting

Plexiglass cutting

Paper cutting

Wood cutting

Laser engraving and drawing on non-metals

Laser engraving is a process of precision, quality and rapid application of inscription, ornaments, picture or drawing on objects of different materials – granite, marble, stone, wood, MDF, plywood, plastic, acrylic, glass, leather and others who have different shape and volume. More information about the materials that can be drawn and engraved You can find here.

Laser engraving achieves very high quality and resolution of the image, allowing image retention even under long-term use. Laser engraving ensures achieving even the most daring design ideas.

Glass engraving


Engraving of bottle

Engraving of marble

Laser engraving and drawing on metals

Laser engraving on metals is a process of precision and quality application of inscriptions, ornaments, pictures or drawings on metal objects of different shapes and volumes. Our company can process metals, such as iron or alloys thereof, copper, and more. Engraving is achieved by applying a thin film of solution which by laser treatment becomes thick black layer with high quality and resolution of the image or caption.




  • laser cutting, drawing and engraving;
  • in drawing and engraving maximum height of the material is up to 200-270 mm.
  • cutting: woodmaximum thickness up to 15 – 25 mm.; plywood –  up to 16 mm.; MDF – up to 10 mm.; plexiglass – up to 20 mm., polycarbonate – up to 4 mm, etc.


  • laser drawing and engraving;
  • height of materials –  up to 200 – 270 mm.


Maximum size of the details for cutting, drawing and engraving  is up to 1200 mm to 1030 mm.